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How to remove execute bit from files in Git

Occasionally, files get committed to source control having the wrong file permissions. Either they don’t have execute when they should, or they have execute when they shouldn’t, just for example. I came across this a couple of weeks ago and … Continue reading

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Spring Security with Grails 3

I am a big user and advocate of Grails, and I was curious about working with Grails 3, so I started taking a look at it during the M2 release. Most of the applications I work on require authentication/authorization, and … Continue reading

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Interesting use of Java 8 interface default method

Intro I was in the middle of trying to implement a type of validation on my current project at work. Said project uses Java 7, and the problem had to do with an interface extending another interface. I was literally in the middle … Continue reading

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Everything New is Old Again

I have been at my company’s corporate headquarters this week, as I embark on a new project to help optimize one of my company’s core products that is utilized across the country. Here are a few things which I have … Continue reading

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Get the IP address for a host name in Groovy

I was playing around with some Groovy scripts and looking at some neat tip and tricks on how Groovy can simplify what would have taken a lot more code in Java. Here is one that came up with: print out … Continue reading

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Using Grails REST for authentication in an AngularJS SPA

Introduction I have played around with AngularJS for a few weeks now. I like how it provides for separation of concerns on the client-side that us server-side programmers prefer. I have built a couple of controllers that are retrieving data … Continue reading

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Grails 2.3 Maven dependency caching issues

tl;dr version: Change BuildConfig.groovy to reference your local mavenRepo repository as: Long version: If you have played around with Grails 2.3, you know that the project has switched to Maven (Aether, actually) as default for dependency resolution, as opposed to … Continue reading

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