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Interesting use of Java 8 interface default method

Intro I was in the middle of trying to implement a type of validation on my current project at work. Said project uses Java 7, and the problem had to do with an interface extending another interface. I was literally in the middle … Continue reading

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Everything New is Old Again

I have been at my company’s corporate headquarters this week, as I embark on a new project to help optimize one of my company’s core products that is utilized across the country. Here are a few things which I have … Continue reading

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Grails 2.3 Maven dependency caching issues

tl;dr version: Change BuildConfig.groovy to reference your local mavenRepo repository as: Long version: If you have played around with Grails 2.3, you know that the project has switched to Maven (Aether, actually) as default for dependency resolution, as opposed to … Continue reading

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SpringOne 2GX Wrap-up

(I have been meaning to post this for a while, but life has caught up with me, including my company’s tech conference, where I was a speaker in one session and a panelist in another.) On September 9-12, I had … Continue reading

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Convert a 32-bit JIRA install to 64-bit

Along with being a software developer on our project, I have also become the unofficial tools administrator. We utilize many of the Atlassian tools, among them being JIRA. When JIRA was installed, it was put an a Windows Server 2008 R2 server, but … Continue reading

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Web service clients – where Grails lost its mojo

I am working on a Grails 2.0.x application that needs to consume some web services. Simple enough, I have written many clients in the past, using Axis and Spring-WS in Java, and WCF in .Net. Almost everything I have done … Continue reading

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Spring PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer within web and application context

I ran into an issue where I was attempting to load properties for a Spring 3.0 web application in both the application context configuration and the web application configuration.The configuration was initially defined as follows: applicationContext.xml Both the application context … Continue reading

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