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Interesting use of Java 8 interface default method

Intro I was in the middle of trying to implement a type of validation on my current project at work. Said project uses Java 7, and the problem had to do with an interface extending another interface. I was literally in the middle … Continue reading

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Everything New is Old Again

I have been at my company’s corporate headquarters this week, as I embark on a new project to help optimize one of my company’s core products that is utilized across the country. Here are a few things which I have … Continue reading

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Get the IP address for a host name in Groovy

I was playing around with some Groovy scripts and looking at some neat tip and tricks on how Groovy can simplify what would have taken a lot more code in Java. Here is one that came up with: print out … Continue reading

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Wait, where’s my PDF?

I was recently working on a project where we needed to stream and render PDF documents from a Java servlet. Sounds easy and straight-forward, right? When initially developed, all browsers were rendering in the development environment (non-SSL). Here is the … Continue reading

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Quicksort in Java

I was talking with one of my co-workers the other day about things that we had learned in our classes at our respective universities. I started thinking back to the classes I took at my alma mater for Data Structures … Continue reading

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Passing JVM arguments to Maven Surefire Plugin

I was working on a Maven build a while back and was trying to figure out how to pass a JVM argument to the Maven Surefire plugin. We needed this capability in order to tell the underlying framework to not … Continue reading

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Spring Security 2.x with multiple credentials

I am currently working on a project using Spring Security 2.x where the user authentication consists of more than just two parameters. Usually authentication consists one principal (username) and one credential (password). We are sticking with Spring Security version 2.x … Continue reading

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